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Lucy Knott is a Photographer based in Glasgow, Scotland specialising in Food & Drink, Hospitality, Events and Property.

Right now, businesses in Scotland are constantly searching for new ways to improve customer loyalty and increase sales in a fast-moving economy. Nothing helps sell a product or service more than high-resolution professional photographs – representing the quality and essence of the brand which ultimately sells the business to the clientele.

Lucy has always had a great love for the Scottish market and enjoys working with local talents. It’s no wonder she loves working with local chefs, interior designers, restaurateurs, event companies and leading estate agencies to showcase Scottish market at it’s best. She’s now looking to make you her next happy client.

 Telling your story in the most innovative way using clear and creative photographs that demonstrate the credibility of your company to use across your website, social media and print marketing. Let your audience see your brand as trustworthy and authentic, convert those viewers to leads, and ultimately to customers with professional photography.



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